SEO Results

seo results
Your customers are looking for you online. Today more than 80% of Americans search the Internet to find out about products or services before making a purchase – even local purchases.

Where your website ranks in Google and which keywords it ranks for has a direct impact on your business. Did you know that 98% of searchers do not go past the first page of search results? Since there are only ten spots on Page 1 (not including the paid advertisements or Pay-per-Click listings across the top and down the right side) your website’s rank is extremely important.

What keywords is your website ranking for? Can your prospective customers find you even if they don’t know your name? (Note: you should at least be ranking for your business name. Surprisingly, we’ve been hired by some who were not on Page 1 even for their own business name before coming to us!) But what about people out there who don’t already know who you are? And what are they typing into Google in order to find a business like yours?

We first do keyword research to determine what phrases people are actually using to find businesses such as your. We analyze what the competition is for these phrases. We need to balance traffic with the difficulty of achieving a Page 1 placement. For example, you may be in the real estate business. At this writing, there are more than 1.6 billion pages indexed on Google for the keyword phrase real estate. What are your chances in knocking off or Zillow in order to take their spot? If you said slim to none, you’d be correct!

More realistic is to choose a keyword phrase with less competition, but still sufficient traffic so that you will have more visitors to your site. Unless you do the research, you don’t know if you are wasting your time and money on phrases that are either too competitive, or aren’t things people are using to find you.

Sample Results:

  Industry # Keywords
# on Page 1
at onset (Baseline)
# on Page 1
at 6 months
% Success
 home remodeling 8 1 24 100%
 dog training 10 0 25 83%
 headhunters 10 2 23 77%
 vein center 6 0 18 100%
 landscaper 6 0 15 83%

It is important to keep in mind that initial SEO efforts are not enough to stay on top. You achieved this great ranking by pushing someone else out. Chances are, when they realize they are no longer on Page 1, they will launch a counter campaign to get back. So ongoing Internet Marketing efforts are going to be needed in order to maintain your placement.