Website Maintenance

website maintenance

Unlike a printed brochure, a newspaper advertisement, or a video promotion, a website is never really finished. “Site maintenance” refers to updating or revamping your site’s content to keep pace with your changing business. Visitors to your site look for what’s new, and nothing will cause you to lose visitors faster than having out-of-date information. Even if your content has not changed, it’s a good idea to add new content periodically.

Google loves fresh content. Google will also penalize you if your content is “stale” or just hasn’t changed. Don’t make the mistake of launching a website and then never adding to it!

Your website is your most cost-effective means of publishing and distributing information, so take advantage of it.

CyberGnarus can set up your site so that you can perform certain types of maintenance yourself,
or we will be happy to take care of that function for you.