Website Hosting

Once your website is created, how will people see your site? The files that make up your website need to reside (be copied to) a web server that has access to the Internet – preferably 24 x 7 x 365. There are tens of thousands of web hosting companies. We aren’t one of them! But we do business with a few hosting companies that are both Microsoft and Adobe partners, which says a lot to us. Their datacenters are fully redundant and fault tolerant.

Website hosting is like renting space on the server. We have monthly or quarterly plans.

Your domain name is what is commonly called your “web address” or “URL” (which stands for “uniform resource locator” in geek speak). This is what someone would type into a web browser to get to your website. You want to be sure to include your domain name on ALL your business stationery.

You can move the computer files that make up your website from one computer (host) to another, but because your domain name stays constant, people will always be able to find it.

Domain names must be registered to prevent duplication. You pay for them annually – although we recommend that you register yours for at least two or three years in advance. Domain age is a Google trust criterion: the longer they see you are making an investment in your business, the more credibility they will give you. Domain names should not cost more than $12.00 per year. If you host with us, we include domain name registration for one domain name per account.

CyberGnarus can help you secure your domain name and keep track of your renewals.