Internet Marketing

internet marketing
Internet Marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves getting your products and services in front of those people who are actively searching for what you have. By increasing the number of times your ad, website, article, video or blog is presented to those who are searching, we increase the odds of those people finding – and contacting – you.

Why is Website Traffic Important? We’ve all heard that it takes a certain number of “touches” before someone will choose us. Similarly, not everyone who goes to your website is going to call. And whatever your conversion rate of visitors to patients, wouldn’t you rather be seeing 100,000 visitors per month, instead of 1,000?

The Bottom Line: If your customers cannot find you, they will find someone else. CyberGnarus can help your company gain visibility and rankings with our knowledge and experience in Search Engine Marketing.

Article and Video Marketing

The more links you have in TO your website, the more votes Google counts FOR your website. Article and Video Marketing achieves several goals, simultaneously:

  1. Increases links TO your website.
  2. Helps  you become recognized as an Industry Expert

Benefits: More traffic to your website by higher search engine rankings.

Lead Generation “Squeeze Page”

Would you like to have leads contact you? They will, if you offer them something they find to be of value to them. We will create a campaign to help you generate leads while you sleep!

Benefits:Warm leads from people who have demonstrated interest in your services.