Do you have a plan in mind to add fresh content to your website? How will you establish yourself – and your website – as the “go to” source for information in your field? Having a blog can accomplish both of these goals.

We know that Google loves fresh, relevant content. Your WordPress blog entries are picked up and indexed very quickly by Google, often within hours of publishing. That would be unusual with updates to regular HTML web pages. Your blog posts, however, can be automatically disseminated to news feeds as well as to those who choose to “follow” you.

Plan to blog at least twice a week. Your posts do not have to be long, but do try to contribute something of value in your field. This will help to position you as an expert. The body of quality content that you are adding to your website will, over time, add weight to your expertise.

We will include a blog with your WordPress website, or we can add a blog to your existing website with the same look-and-feel as the existing site. It’s important that the blog reside on your domain in order to get the Google benefits. That means no or blogs, unless you are creating something for your family or your hobby. “Free” may sound good to your bottom line, but in the long run you’ll be mostly wasting your time.