Problem: You’re on Page 1 But No One is Calling

You thought you’d achieved the impossible. You’re on Page 1 of Google search results. But – your phone is not ringing. What’s wrong? 1. Generally when this happens, the most likely scenario is that your target audience is not using those keywords to find you. When you (or your Search Engine Optimization vendor) did your  [Read More…]

Google Places Becomes Google + Local

You may have heard that as of last Wednesday, Google has once again changed the way they are offering listings for local businesses. You may remember that their first iteration was called Google Maps, which was replaced by Google Places. This has now become Google + Local. Google provides these business listings free of charge  [Read More…]

Carol Harkins Announces New Book

Carol Harkins has published her first book, Internet Marketing for Your Small Business: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started Now. This book is for the small business owner or entrepreneur who knows they need to establish their Internet presence but is unsure of how and where to start, and for those who have  [Read More…]

Is the Mobile Revolution Leaving Your Company Behind?

Where does your company – and your website – stand now that the Mobile Revolution is here? Knowing that there are 5 mobile phones for every desktop computer on the planet should give you pause, especially if you haven’t optimized your website for viewing on a smartphone. Ed Nash wrote in the Wall Street Journal  [Read More…]

Tips for Optimizing Local Search Listings

Now that you know *why* you need to optimize your listing, here are some other points to consider. • Before you start, create a list of the information that you are going to use in each listing, including your name and address, phone numbers, business hours, categories, keywords, services, products, and anything else that might  [Read More…]