Are you using a Privacy Policy on your Website?

If you have any Google accounts you’ve probably been inundated with announcements about their new, streamlined privacy policy. In case you haven’t, Google has replaced their 60-some different privacy policies with one. So this seems to be a great time to go back over your own privacy policy with an new eye. No privacy policy?  [Read More…]

It May Be Flattering – But All Those Comments Could Be Spam

So you took our advice and started a blog. It’s not easy keeping up with it week after week. But you will reap the benefits if you do. And now you are starting to collect comments: one today, three tomorrow, eight the following day. Wow, you’re becoming popular! Your content must be really engaging! This  [Read More…]

Is your data backed up? Are you sure?

We recently returned from vacation (wonderful time, thanks for asking!) to find my data drive had stopped working. Not what I needed – then or any time. But fortunately, most of my data was backed up offsite. Unfortunately, some of it wasn’t backed up at all. What about yours? If you are one of those  [Read More…]

How does your website look to your visitors?

Visitors can make a decision in as little as 50 milliseconds of arrival on your homepage, to stay or to click away. Even if they remain, the visual appeal of your site continues to affect their unconscious impression, and ultimately, helps determine if they establish a relationship with you – and buy – or just  [Read More…]

Do You Use Google Alerts?

If not, you are missing out on a cool rich feature that Google offers free! You need a Google account, so if you don’t already have one (like a Gmail account) you can get one at So what can you do with Google Alerts? First of all, think clipping service, but not the old  [Read More…]