Problem: You’re on Page 1 But No One is Calling

You thought you’d achieved the impossible. You’re on Page 1 of Google search results. But – your phone is not ringing. What’s wrong? 1. Generally when this happens, the most likely scenario is that your target audience is not using those keywords to find you. When you (or your Search Engine Optimization vendor) did your  [Read More…]

Connect Your Blog to Twitter

Are you overwhelmed with keeping up with your social media publishing? Maybe you have found the time to blog, but not tweet? Did you know you can connect your blog to Twitter? Ask us! We can help!

How Educational Should Your Content Be?

I recently had a client question the content which I had proposed for his site. Nevermind that he had already approved and signed off on this content. Apparently his superiors are now telling him that educational content is unnecessary. Indeed, they believe that everyone who comes to the website will have already decided to use  [Read More…]

Your Website Metrics – What Are They Telling You?

So you are checking your website metrics on a regular basis, right? At the very least, you should have Google Analytics set up to collect your site activity, and you should be looking at your progress on a monthly basis. “Back in the day” the best we could do was look at server statistics. The  [Read More…]

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Outbound Links

You should be aware that Inbound Links are extremely important for your website and blog – those that come from other reputable websites, of course. You may not be aware that Outbound Links can also have a place within your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Here’s why. 1. Higher ranking. Google’s mission has always been  [Read More…]