Problem: You’re on Page 1 But No One is Calling

You thought you’d achieved the impossible. You’re on Page 1 of Google search results. But – your phone is not ringing. What’s wrong?

1. Generally when this happens, the most likely scenario is that your target audience is not using those keywords to find you. When you (or your Search Engine Optimization vendor) did your keyword research, how many monthly searches did you find for that keyword phrase? If you are on Page 1, you’re not going to get ALL of that traffic, even if you are in the first position, although the first position will get 40% or more of the clicks. But if there is no one – or very few people – searching for that phrase, being on Page 1 is meaningless.

2. If there is a fair amount of traffic searching that phrase (the minimum threshhold can be defined in different ways, including by how much a single customer would be worth to you) but you are still not getting any phone calls, check out the description that Google is showing for your page. If you were a prospective customer, would that description make you want to click through to your website? Or would you choose to click through to the website just above or below yours instead? An enticing description can make all the difference.

3. Finally, if you have traffic plus a great description, and your phone is still silent, take a look at your website itself. What is your visitor’s first impression? Has your page loaded quickly? Are you someone they want to do business with? It’s very easy at this point to “back” out and choose someone else in the search results. How about the call to action on your web page. Is it obvious what you want the visitor to do? Or have you buried your phone number on your Contact Us page?

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