How Educational Should Your Content Be?

I recently had a client question the content which I had proposed for his site. Nevermind that he had already approved and signed off on this content.

Apparently his superiors are now telling him that educational content is unnecessary. Indeed, they believe that everyone who comes to the website will have already decided to use this organization’s services.

My initial reaction was “No, you have to have educational content!!” But upon reflection, I find I do agree with their belief: without keyword-rich educational content to bring in visitors who may not already know about this organization, it’s likely that most who come to the site will have already decided to use them.

Of course that begs the question, are they already maxed out on the clientelle they can serve? If so, there is no reason to use SEO to try to get them more business.

Have they already crushed their competition, or is their competition not online yet? If so, perhaps they are light years ahead and don’t need to position themselves as top-rate.

Is their staff so underworked that they have unlimited time to answer basic questions that could readibly be included on the website? If so, there is no reason to include educational information on the website.

Can you think of other reasons to include educational information on your business website? If so, I’d love to have you share!