Print File Names from Disk Directory

I want to print out a list of all the files in folder. Is that possible?

Yes! Here’s how to do it if you are using Windows 7. You will need to know the path to the folder.

1. Click the Windows Start icon on the bottom left corner of your Taskbar.
2. Type “Command” in the “Search programs and files” box. While you are typing, you will see a list of resources above. At the top of the list, under Programs, will be Command Prompt.

3. Click on Command Prompt to open a black Command Prompt window.
There will be a prompt that starts with something like C:\User>
4. To the right of the >, type
dir -path to directory- /b >d:mylist.txt
Example: C:\User>dir d:\docs\reports /b >d:mylist.txt

5. Then press Enter.

6. This will create a file called mylist.txt in the folder. You can use Notepad to open that file, manipulate the information in any way you like, and print it.

/b says “don’t show dates and sizes of the files”