Just having a website isn't enough anymore.

About a year ago, some "experts" were telling businesses that they didn't even need a website: all they needed was to claim their Google Places page. That would have been short-sighted, because today we know that businesses on Google Places which don't have a regular website are being penalized in favor of those who do. The answer? Your business needs both a regular website, and you need to claim (and optimize) your Google Places page.

Beyond that, have you looked at your website on a smartphone? Maybe you don't have a smartphone, but rest assured that a large percentage of your clients and prospects do. And they are coming to your website by way of their phones. If you don't have a mobile website, your visitors will get easily frustrated and can quickly leave to find your competitors. An even better reason to have a mobile-optimized website is the fact that Google has a separate index for mobile sites, which is much smaller than their regular index. That translates into your becoming a bigger fish in a smaller pond if you have a mobile-optimized site.

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